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IP65 Waterproof Bench Scale 3000g




The AFEC-3000 is a compact, sturdy and portable set of waterproof weighing scales that are perfect in busy and robust working environments. The unit features a stainless steel case that is protected against dust and waterproof to IP-65. This makes these the perfect set of bench scales for all food service applications. Measurement units can be selection at the press of a button; these include Kg, g, lb, oz or lb & oz.

The unit is simple to use with a simple 4 key operation with all readings presented on a compact 32mm LCD display. The display features an optional automatic backlight that triggers when any amount of weight is added to the pan. The feet of the unit are all adjustable and made of non-slip rubber with a bullseye level bubble to create a perfectly even measuring surface. Couple this with the zero tracking feature and you ensure stable and repeatable readings. The Plus / Minus weighing function also adds great versatility for everyday use.

Adding extra value for money is the inbuilt parts counting function that can be utilised from 10, 20, 50 or 100 samples pieces. Overload warning and a low battery indicator are also indicated on the display. The scale can be set to auto power off after a period of inactivity.

The unit is supplied with batteries and an adaptor. (The supplied adaptor is not water so the scale is not IP-65 protected when the adaptor is in use.)

IP Rating is an internationally recognised protection marking classifying the degree of protection provided against solid particles and water.

This product is protected to IP-65 meaning:

Solid Particle Protection
6: Dust Tight  No Ingres of dust, complete protection against contact
Liquid Ingress Protection
5: Water Jets  Water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against the enclosure form any direction shall have no harmful effects


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