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IP65 Waterproof Bench Scale 6000g




The AFEC-6000 is a 6kg waterproof scale that is compact and portable. It sturdy stainless steel construction and IP-65 rating make it suitable for use in harsh working environments. Its dust and water protection make it ideal for use in food preparation and other potentially damp environments. The unit of measurement can be changes to Kg, g, lb, oz or lb & oz at the touch of a button.

Having only 4 simple keys the unit is very easy to use. All measurements are displayed on a compact 32mm backlit screen that activates when an item is placed on the weighing pan. A stable platform can be easily created with the units adjustable feet, which are non-slip, and level bubble. Repeatable readings are guaranteed with the zero tracking feature. Weight can be subtracted with the plus or minus weighing feature.

Additionally the unit can also be used as a parts counting scale by pressing the pcs button and supplying a sample of 10, 20, 50 or 100 sample pieces. Low battery indications and an overload warning are displayed on the screen should any issues arise. The scale will automatically power off after a non-use, this can be disabled for continuous use.

IP Rating is an internationally recognised protection marking classifying the degree of protection provided against solid particles and water.

This product is protected to IP-65 meaning:

Solid Particle Protection
6: Dust Tight ‚ No Ingres of dust, complete protection against contact
Liquid Ingress Protection
5: Water Jets  Water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against the enclosure form any direction shall have no harmful effects


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