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Polymorph 1KG





Polymorph is one of the most useful materials for model making and prototyping. This polymer has all the characteristics of a tough engineering material yet it fuses and becomes easily mouldable at just 62ªC.

It can be heated with hot water or a hairdryer and moulded by hand to create prototypes and solve manufacturing problems. Polymorph can be reused simply by reheating it. The material can also be coloured when soft by adding a small amount of food dye. Uses for Polymorph include:

- Moulding of handles and orthopaedic aids
- Vacuum forming moulds
- Moulds for batch producing other mouldings
- Prototype mechanical parts
- Armatures / frames for models
- Inserts for compliant products
- Specialised components  e.g. motor mountings
- Moulding of complete products  e.g. torches
- Joining components together

The material is supplied in a self‚ seal bag. Polymorph may be coloured using food dyes. The polymorph is first fused and then the powder is added and worked in mechanically by hand. Although a labour‚ intensive process, this is about the only one available at present. 2g of colouring is supplied in a plastic pot.


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