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Min/Max Memory Alarm Thermometer




The AST-9258 offers a modern, compact design combined with ease of use. This is one of our most versatile min max thermometers with its wide temperature range, alarms and detachable wired probe.

Its is useful for all liquid and semi-solid sampling including all tasks needed in a kitchen and wide range of standard laboratory tasks. Dropping as low as -50°C its temperature range is well suited to recording fridge or freezer temperatures whilst having a suitably high top end temperature to deal with boiling goods, or chemicals well over 100°C.

The probe is 10cm long with a slim 4mm diameter and is made from stainless steel. It is connected to the unit via a 1 metre cable. The probe can also be connected to the unit via secure clip allowing easy storage or single-handed use.

Unlike many of our other probe thermometers it features a series of audible alarms that can be programmed to trigger when predetermined minimum and maximum values are hit or when the thermometer reaches the end of its maximum range.

This is one of our most cost-effective thermometers and is a favourite amongst the many catering retailers and laboratories we supply.

-50° to 150°C x 0.1°C
Measures in °C or °F
Sampling rate of one reading per second
Data hold function
Min/max memory
Programmable alarm for min/max values
Audible alarm at the high/low temperature limits
Auto power off after 1 hour
100mm x 4mm Ø stainless steel probe
Pointed tip with handle and 1m cable
30mm LCD display with function indicators
Impact resistant ABS case
Supplied with a protective probe cap & battery


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